Vision and Mission

Life with Crypto endeavors to bridge the education gap between Crypto and Blockchain Technologists developing next generation solutions and the everyday people that will use them.

Inspired by evolving Crypto projects within banking & ecommerce,  privacy & identity, as well as many other sectors that affect daily lives, we developed Life with Crypto as a social learning platform to help us all learn and grow with crypto. 

Our members enjoy full featured courses, filtered news groups and in-depth articles.  We do the research on complex crypto topics so you don’t have to. Then we explain how to use it.

At times we will invite guest experts to teach us or share with us their knowledge or product. 

Our goal is to help our members to participate in the evolution of money and the internet in a safe, online community where we all thrive! 

Our Promise

Our promise is to ‘Make it Easy’ and ‘Keep it Simple’. 

We present technical information in our Courses using common language and common understanding. Our main educator, Kelly Sunshawl Barrett, is known for her story telling and ability to explain difficult concepts, simply. 

We strive to keep our content relevant, trustworthy and easily available for everyday people to understand and apply.