About Us

Vision and Mission

Life with Crypto is an education platform that teaches everyday people how to become proficient crypto investors.

We believe cryptocurrency is the new 21st-century financial system that offers life-changing opportunities to create wealth and inspired living for those willing to master it. 

Our mission is to ensure our members master crypto and grow their wealth.

Our members enjoy full-featured courses, free content, and in-depth blog articles.  We research complex crypto topics, so you don’t have to. Then we explain it.

Our goal is for all our members to achieve financial success with cryptocurrency. We do this in a safe, online social learning environment where we all thrive!

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Our Promise

We promise to ‘Make it Easy’ and ‘Keep it Simple’. 

We present technical information in our courses using a common language and shared understanding. Our foremost educator, Kelly Sunshawl, is known for her storytelling analogies and ability to explain complex concepts.

We strive to keep our content relevant, trustworthy, and readily available for everyday people to understand and apply.