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By Kelly Sunshawl Barrett, EA LTC 31542-C

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Over 50 MUST ASK tax interview questions about cryptocurrencies. Even for an experienced crypto tax preparer, it’s difficult to remember all the right questions to ask. This Crypto Tax Organizer will save you countless hours on the phone with your client. 

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Kelly and Tucker

Kelly Sunshawl Barrett

EA, LTC 31542-C

Kelly is a Licensed Tax Consultant in the State of Oregon and an Enrolled Agent with the Internal Revenue Service. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Mathematics, and has also owned a private accounting practice since 2006.  

Kelly is a Crypto and Blockchain Educator and teaches tax professionals about crypto and taxes through live trainings held at professional Tax Organizations like the Oregon Association of Tax Consultants and the Oregon Society of Tax Consultants. Her trainings are also showcased as courses on the social learning website Life with Crypto.  

In her space time, Kelly enjoys Tai Chi as well as hiking and camping with her life partner and dog Tucker.

To learn more about Kelly and her experience with crypto visit her blog here