Bitcoin Hardware Wallet – Keystone Pro Quick Guide

Cobo Vault

In 2020 I bought the Cobo Vault Pro bitcoin and altcoin hardware wallet and was excited to use it. My excitement quickly deflated when I had trouble figuring out how to upgrade the firmware. To get it done I needed a micro-SD card and a reader. Since I didn’t have either, the Cobo Vault sat … Read more

Bitcoin and Blockchain Disruptions – 16 Important Ones

Blockchain Disruption

Bitcoin and the blockchain was born in 2009, created by a pseudonymous entity known only as Satoshi Nakamoto. Some believe it was created by the CIA and don’t trust it. However, many have embraced it and learned its ways, and their efforts have rewarded them handsomely. Some by trading crypto others through business ventures. No matter … Read more

Crypto Tax Questions? Text the IRS!


IRS Taxpayer Digital Communications The IRS Office of Online Services launched a platform with various tools to improve public engagement. It now allows tax payers to directly text the IRS about their crypto tax questions. Wow! I never saw that coming. The IRS is aiming to digitally communicate with taxpayers and tax professionals more effectively … Read more

Coinbase Crypto Exchange


The Coinbase crypto exchange was originally built by Brian Armstrong, a former Airbnb engineer, and Fred Ehrsam, a former Goldman Sachs trader, to make it easy for non-technical people to use Bitcoin. After securing $150,000 through Y Combinator in June 2012, the company expanded its focus to include professional traders through what’s now known as Coinbase … Read more

Polygon MATIC token- Should you Invest?

A Guide on the Ethereum Layer Two Solution Polygon MATIC token is a layer two (L2) scaling solution for Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks that enables fast, inexpensive, and secure off-chain transactions for payments and general interactions with off-chain smart contracts. Polygon was initially launched in 2017 under the name of Matic Network with the purpose of creating … Read more

DeFi Revolution Grows Trees for FREE!

At one of our monthly Life with Crypto Meetups, our special guest presenter, Steve McKeon, talked about smart contracts and spent some time focusing on one smart contract platform called MakerDAO. One of the attendees commented that the information was interesting but there aren’t really any applications. I DISAGREE! In this article I will introduce … Read more

What’s the story on Facebook’s Libra cryptocoin?

In our 21st Century, many people around the world do not have access to banking services, and the fees and costs for transfers and payday loans are astronomical. Facebook says, “approximately 70% of small businesses in developing countries lack access to credit and $25 billion is lost by migrants every year through remittance fees.” Blockchain Technology has opened doors … Read more

Should you care about Digital Identity Ownership?

There is a growing movement in the Blockchain world to develop solutions that allow individuals to own and control their online identities. We use our personal credentials to do all kinds of things online, like logging into to many, many websites, sharing our payment information, our mailing addresses, our birthdays, etc.  Some people opt to … Read more