Thriving in the Crypto Bull Run: Strategies for Success in 2024

Gold Crypto Bull

In 2024, the cryptocurrency market is experiencing a powerful bull market, with values soaring. The ETF approval in the US, the upcoming halving, and increased demand for crypto have established a strong bull run-run that took Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency to a new all-time high. Here are some strategies to help you keep thriving in … Read more

A Deep Dive into VanEck’s $3,200 Solana Price Prediction by 2030

Solana price prediction

The recent buzz in the crypto world is all about altcoins making a comeback, and Solana is stealing the show. Solana has shot up by a whopping 47%, making everyone wonder where it’s headed. Adding to the excitement, VanEck, a big-shot money manager, has made a crazy price prediction that Solana could hit an unbelievable … Read more

What Happened To Ethereum Networks’ Security After The Merge

Ethereum pos security

Ethereum pos security is not looking so good as many experts suggest there are vulnerabilities in the PoS consensus mechanism Ethereum network completes a transition to Proof-of-Stake but at what cost? The Ethereum Merge was arguably one of the most anticipated events in crypto history because of the long launch anticipation. The crypto community waited … Read more

Crypto Wallets – Hardware and Software

Learn wallets

Learn how to use crypto wallets, both software and hardware in this video, Alen will work with you on how to set up and use a hardware wallet and Metamask. Using hardware wallets protects you from hacking, a hardware wallet stores your private keys securely offline making it more secure and harder to hack. In … Read more

Fundamental Analysis – Picking Cryptos

Fundamental Analysis

In today’s blog, I will talk about Fundamental Analysis – picking cryptos and the techniques used to determine if a cryptocurrency is high quality or a good investment. Additionally, this topic was requested by one of our Members, so if YOU have a topic you want me to cover you can message me on the … Read more

Who wants to be a Millionaire?

bitcoin ether litecoin

Let’s talk about some fun stuff now! Do you remember the show Who Wants to be a Millionaire? It was the most popular game show for two decades, starting in 1999. Today’s version of “Who wants to be a Millionaire” includes crypto investors and traders. And why not?! Do you believe you could be a … Read more

Ethereum 2.0 Merge


In this blog post, I will be reviewing what you need to know about the Ethereum 2.0 merge and share my thoughts and opinions along the way. There is a ton of technical information about the merge that is interesting but is too complex for this featured article. I’ll do my best to cover the … Read more

Bitcoin Hardware Wallet – Keystone Pro Quick Guide

Cobo Vault

In 2020 I bought the Cobo Vault Pro bitcoin and altcoin hardware wallet and was excited to use it. My excitement quickly deflated when I had trouble figuring out how to upgrade the firmware. To get it done I needed a micro-SD card and a reader. Since I didn’t have either, the Cobo Vault sat … Read more