Crypto Wallets – Hardware and Software

Learn how to use crypto wallets, both software and hardware in this video, Alen will work with you on how to set up and use a hardware wallet and Metamask.

Using hardware wallets protects you from hacking, a hardware wallet stores your private keys securely offline making it more secure and harder to hack.

In fact, there has not been a single case of a hacked hardware wallet since its inception, the only way someone can get access to your hardware wallet is if they stole the device itself from you.

It is your responsibility to keep the device safe at all times.

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Crypto Hardware Wallets

There are many hardware wallets available, the most popular is from Ledger and Trezor but we highly recommend Ledger.

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No matter what hardware wallet you get, you will be protected. One thing you have to know is that buying wallets from any source other than the manufacturers is dangerous and unsafe.

Buying a hardware wallet on eCommerce sites like Amazon is not recommended. The sellers on these sites may have access to your private keys when you purchase from them.

Crypto Wallets

You should always buy directly from the manufacturer’s website or walk into a store near you and get one.

Hardware wallets

Hardware wallets are the ultimate security for your crypto however if you are not yet prepared. You can also use a software wallet like Metamask or Exodus wallet.

There are many other good software wallets that you can choose from. You can even use a mobile wallet that is secured like Trust wallet or Exodus mobile wallet that can be synced with your desktop wallet.

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