Get Into The Bitcoin and Crypto Zone

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When I first got into crypto, I never bothered about the fundamentals. I never cared about the various coins and the basic things. I was a total newbie. Right from the start, I was carried away and didn’t realize that I needed to get into the bitcoin and crypto zone from the beginning.

This was because I went with the flow and never looked back. I was only following the trends, what the gurus were discussing. That was a great mistake, because those people already knew the basics and were fed up discussing them.

Hello I’m Victor and you’re reading one of my episodes on Things I Wish I Knew before I got into cryptocurrency, I am doing these episodes to let beginners learn from my mistakes and hopefully stay away from them.

I will appreciate your feedback after reading and if you have some mistakes during your start towards cryptocurrency then you can tell us about them in the comment, or in a separate post on our official site under this group, you can also post it on our Facebook group

Get Into the Crypto Zone

So, I was learning, and I must admit that it was useful information, but it was hard for me to digest because I did not get into the zone the right way.

I was supposed to not just follow what they were saying or posting, but also get into the bitcoin and crypto zone. Which means check some basics and know the fundamentals of the project.

Get Into The Crypto Zone with Bitcoin

Bitcoin and Ether Zone

Because of this, all I knew from the beginning was Blue-chip coins, like bitcoin and Ether. But I never knew the basic steps to get them. For Instance, I thought a cryptocurrency exchange is a place I will buy and store my bitcoins.

But this was not true at all, in fact, I learned afterward that saving my coins on an exchange is as dangerous as not greeting a security officer in Nigeria, the result is not always good, you can get away with it sometimes but just remember that It’s dangerous.

For those of you who are new, this is important. Get to know about the crypto-world before you dive right into it. Take your time to learn about the different currencies and other things like altcoins, tokens, wallets, exchanges, hodling, trading, etc.

The good news is that at Life with Crypto, we have content and courses that are created with beginners in mind, all you need to do is create an account on our website for free and select a beginners course to get started.


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