Bretton Woods on Digital Currencies


The government and the financial industry have spent several years discussing and researching cryptocurrencies. At the 2016 Bretton Woods Conference many government and industry leaders gathered at the Mount Washington Hotel in New Hampshire for a workshop to create guiding principles for consumer protection around bitcoin and blockchain.  How does Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies fit into the existing financial system and how should the government regulate it?

Attached is a 29 page document from the 2016 Bretton Woods Conference hosted by Consumer’s Research group. It outlines how to protect consumers around crypto and blockchain.

Here is a snippet from the introduction:

This is the second annual Bretton Woods workshop held by Consumers’ Research to examine bitcoin and blockchain technologies. The goal of this year’s workshop was to produce guiding principles on consumer protection best practices for businesses working with digital currencies. Workshop participants included representatives from relevant legislative and regulatory bodies, as well as a diverse array of fintech, blockchain, and traditional financial industry leaders. Together, these experts developed a list of consumer rights as well as guiding principles intended to guarantee those rights for adoption by companies working with digital currencies and distributed ledger technologies in the financial services industry.

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