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Here’s a short recap from this month’s Let’s Crypto! Substack.


Let’s get personal for a moment. How well do you know yourself? How well do you know yourself as an investor? Whether you are interested in traditional or crypto investing doesn’t matter; you need to answer these questions. It means the difference between success and failure.

A Short Story about Self-exploration & Money

When I was 21 years old, playing pool at a bar with friends, a light bulb went off in my head. I had been pondering the meaning of my life for a while. It bothered by that I didn’t know myself very well. I didn’t even know what color I liked, what foods I liked, or what clothes I liked!

You see, until I left home at 16, I was my mother’s shadow. Almost everything I did was done with my mother or for my mother. They were her likes and interests. Our family life was so chaotic and, at times, abusive that I didn’t have the luxury of thinking about me. I had siblings to protect. Unfortunately, my mom didn’t know how to allow my individuality.

But her lack of skills wasn’t all her fault. She grew up as a poverty-stricken only child with the IQ of a genius and a mentally disabled mother. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Getting back to my light bulb moment playing pool in the bar, the epiphany that came over me that night was clarity about my life purpose. I wanted to know myself, discover myself, and ultimately become myself. So, for the next 18 years, I did whatever I wanted to do to understand myself better.

What does this story have to do with investing? I’m glad you asked. 

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Why I Created Let’s Crypto!

Toward the end of my first journey of self-exploration, I did a lot of writing in a journal. After pages and pages of putting my wandering thoughts into words, I found some clarity. I wrote a statement that eventually became my life purpose and guiding light for my second journey of self-exploration.

“My purpose is to fully understand how money works and how it operates in business, investments, and personal finance.”

This may sound like a strange life purpose statement, but it fit me perfectly. Here’s why. 

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New Lets Crypto Newsletter

Let’s Crypto! Content

During the second journey of my life, I embraced learning about money and became a successful accountant. I bought my first bitcoin nine years after starting my tax business. Six years after that, I retired.

Since that first bitcoin purchase, crypto investing has been good to me. It allowed me to retire early, support and educate a Nigerian boy through adulthood, and follow my passion for teaching others about crypto.

Each month I’ll create a beautiful Substack newsletter with engaging content from our three content pillars. Occasionally, I may go wild and write something outside the box. That newsletter will be released separately from the regular monthly newsletter when I do.

Pillar #1 – Crypto Investor Mindset

For us at Let’s Crypto!, the investor mindset is more than just a slogan. To us, mindset is everything!

If your life is a mess, you can’t invest!

First, I’ll give a generic definition and then expand on it.

There are four distinct types of investor mindsets: Savers, Speculators, Investors, and Traders.

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Pillar #2 – Crypto Investing Strategies

Similarly to our first pillar, I’ll start with a general definition and then expand on it.

What is an investing strategy?

An investing strategy is a set of instructions designed to help individuals make investment decisions to meet their short- and long-term goals. Strategies depend on various factors, including age, goals, lifestyle, capital, and mindset. Strategies are flexible and may overlap.

Why is it essential to have a strategy?

When crypto investors don’t have an investment plan with defined goals and strategies, they follow the herd and are led by their emotions. Protect your money and sanity by defining an investment strategy that will protect you and give you direction.

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Pillar #3 – Crypto Investment Technology

The crypto investment technology content pillar is one of my favorites. Since I’m a tech nerd, I enjoy researching technologies. I’m always looking for projects to better humanity or make me money.

One thing is for sure the crypto technologies that you choose will reflect your investor mindset and investing strategies. It’s all connected.

If you want to be a short or long-term trader, the technologies you’ll use will differ from other strategies.


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