A Step Ahead: How to Avoid Cryptocurrency Scams

Cryptocurrency Scams To Avoid: A thief in a hoodie wearing black glasses and taking a Desktop with Bitcoins in it

Cryptocurrency scams are on the rise, as scammers are increasingly targeting people who are interested in investing in or using cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency scams can take many forms, but they all share the common goal of tricking people into sending money or revealing their personal information. Let’s be clear. If you believe that individuals who fall … Read more

A Deep Dive into VanEck’s $3,200 Solana Price Prediction by 2030

Solana price prediction

The recent buzz in the crypto world is all about altcoins making a comeback, and Solana is stealing the show. Solana has shot up by a whopping 47%, making everyone wonder where it’s headed. Adding to the excitement, VanEck, a big-shot money manager, has made a crazy price prediction that Solana could hit an unbelievable … Read more

DEX Aggregator Development: A Guide for Entrepreneurs

DEX Aggregator

Decentralized crypto exchanges, known as DEXs, are cryptocurrency trading platforms that don’t rely on a central authority. They are gaining popularity because they give users full control over their funds, making them more secure and transparent than traditional exchanges, in this article we will be highlighting the key benefits a DEX aggregator, and how entrepreneurs … Read more

Safeguarding Your Investments in Pools and Swaps: Avoiding Malicious Smart Contracts

Avoiding Malicious smart contracts

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have brought about exciting opportunities, but they’ve also attracted scammers looking to exploit unsuspecting users. One common threat is malicious smart contracts. Today we will be sharing some easy steps that will help anyone spot or avoid malicious smart contracts even if you are not a tech expert. How to Spot … Read more

EPIC Journeys – Interviews

EPIC Journeys

Watch our new EPIC Journeys video interviews with everyday people in crypto. You guessed it! EPIC = Everyday People in Crypto. We’ve launched a new YouTube playlist on our Life with Crypto YouTube channel showcasing my interviews with everyday people in crypto. My first interview is with Sarah. A mother of 2 children living in … Read more

Bitcoin Hardware Wallet – Keystone Pro Quick Guide

Cobo Vault

In 2020 I bought the Cobo Vault Pro bitcoin and altcoin hardware wallet and was excited to use it. My excitement quickly deflated when I had trouble figuring out how to upgrade the firmware. To get it done I needed a micro-SD card and a reader. Since I didn’t have either, the Cobo Vault sat … Read more