Blockchain Digital Identity – End Identity Theft

As the world shifted from analog to digital, so did our private information like Social Security numbers, medical records, bank accounts, credit cards and more. The digital age is forcing us to move our life online and we love the convenience. But with the migration of data, we effectively put every company and government institution … Read more

Should you care about Digital Identity Ownership?

There is a growing movement in the Blockchain world to develop solutions that allow individuals to own and control their online identities. We use our personal credentials to do all kinds of things online, like logging into to many, many websites, sharing our payment information, our mailing addresses, our birthdays, etc.  Some people opt to … Read more

Eliminate Voting Fraud


Eliminating voting fraud is one of several promises blockchain technology hopes to keep. As the behind the scenes technology develops, I believe there is great potential for secure digital voting. For those interested in politics and citizens rights, the AEternity blockchain voting project in Uruguay is a must watch. For more information about Aeternity visit … Read more

How Blockchain Could End Identity Theft


Original article by Frederic Kerrest    We lack control of our personal identities, and that’s a problem. Birthdates and home addresses have long been accessible through a quick Google search, but now a trip to the dark web will turn up the information many of us still hold precious: Social Security numbers, bank accounts, health insurance details, … Read more