A Step Ahead: How to Avoid Cryptocurrency Scams

Cryptocurrency Scams To Avoid: A thief in a hoodie wearing black glasses and taking a Desktop with Bitcoins in it

Cryptocurrency scams are on the rise, as scammers are increasingly targeting people who are interested in investing in or using cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency scams can take many forms, but they all share the common goal of tricking people into sending money or revealing their personal information. Let’s be clear. If you believe that individuals who fall … Read more

Diversify Your Crypto Portfolio

Diversify Your Crypto Portfolio THINGS I WISH I KNEW Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency. If you are someone like me, you have often used Bitcoin when talking about cryptocurrencies in general. But our portfolios will suffer if we don’t look beyond Bitcoin. Bitcoin is by far the most popular cryptocurrency and on top of … Read more

I Wished I Knew This About Crypto Investment

Investing in crypto seems very exciting, but here is what I wished I knew when I was getting started with crypto investment. Cryptocurrencies are known for wild price swings, though we have stable ones like DAI from Maker DAO and USDT backed by the United States dollar, which stays close to the value of one … Read more

Bitcoin and Crypto can be Super Attractive

Bitcoin Trading

THINKS I WISH I KNEW Blockchain technology, bitcoin and crypto can be super attractive when you start to learn how it operates. Right? Crypto is even more alluring when you begin to find interesting projects. The whole crypto vision is alluring but sometimes the advantages can also turn against you. Especially if you aren’t being … Read more

Bitcoin and Crypto is For Hodling

Bitcoin scammer

THINGS I WISH I KNEW By the time I started following cryptocurrencies, I had a different view of it from when I first learned about it. Even though I was introduced by someone who has great knowledge about crypto, there was much I didn’t know. She learned most of the important stuff long before I … Read more

Bitcoin and Crypto Booby Traps

A man with a suitcase caught by a trap

THINGS I WISH I KNEW Getting started with something new, especially bitcoin and crypto, is always exciting, and my case was not different. When I first started learning about cryptocurrencies, I hardly checked the downside of it. I thought there was no need for that. But I soon learned that bitcoin and crypto booby traps … Read more