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If your area has a Bitcoin ATM machine you can buy bitcoin using cash and a smartphone wallet or have the ATM print you a paper wallet. (See course on wallets to learn more about paper and mobile wallets).

Buying bitcoin or other crypto from an ATM is very easy in most cases. Some ATMs only let you buy bitcoin others will also let you sell bitcoin. Be aware that Bitcoin prices at ATMs will be higher than the price at an online Crypto Exchange. Below in the Resources area, there is a list of all Bitcoin and Crypto ATMs around the world. I’ll bet there’s one in your country. There’s even an ATM in Lagos, Nigeria!


To find an ATM near you:

If you find an ATM near you and want to learn how to use it before you try it, you might be able to find some instructions from the manufacturer. Look for the name of the manufacturer or a brand name on the front, side, or back of the unit. Once you have the name you can look them up on the website below.

To learn more about all the different types of ATMs: