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Bitcoin from Paxful.com

Another popular peer-to-peer website for buying bitcoin directly from another person is PAXFUL.com.  Paxful is a P2P over-the-counter platform that connects users wanting to buy bitcoin using alternative payment methods like gift cards, Paypal, domestic bank transfers and other payment methods.

One of Paxful’s niche markets is the exchange of retail-branded gift cards for Bitcoin: the platform’s site reveals that Amazon gift cards are currently the most popular, followed by eBay, Steam and iTunes.

  • Founded in the summer of 2015 in the state of Delaware, USA, Paxful is the fastest growing P2P service that matches bitcoin buyers and sellers around the world. With over 300 payment methods available on Paxful, it is easy to find suitable offers that fit your payment method.
  • I believe Paxful’s amazing growth is because they do a great job on marketing and helping the community. Check out their blog and learn about the schools they help build using bitcoin as payment. https://paxful.com/blog/tag/builtwithbitcoin/