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Setup FTX Mobile Portfolio Tracker

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Remember the original Blockfolio app was designed to assist with monitoring your crypto in one convenient place. Now the FTX bought the Blockfolio app, it will do much more. The video below gives a great overview and step by guide on the use of the new FTX app. I use this app everyday and I find it very useful.

If you haven’t already, the first thing to do is download the FTX mobile app to your iPhone or Android device. Once it’s downloaded open the app and follow the on screen instructions for setup.


Once the app opens click on the Gear Icon in the upper right hand corner. A partial screen will open that says Track at the top. Here you can manage your portfolios by adding new ones, deleting old ones, changing color schemes, and more. From this menu you can also add API connections from your favorite exchanges.

FTX Settings
FTX Settings

Click on Exchange Connections and you’ll be taken to a screen like the one below. From here you’ll click on Learn More and a quick 4-step how to guide will pop up instructing you how to add an exchange API key to FTX. To do this, you must already know how to generate the API key on your exchange.

FTX Settings4
FTX Settings-Learn More

Exchange connections How-to Guide.

FTX Settings5-Exch1
FTX Settings5-Exch2
FTX Settings5-Exch3

Once you’re satisfied with your choices in the Track section, click on the Settings menu at the bottom left of the Track section and you’ll discover even more settings. If you plan on doing crypto trading in the app then you’ll need to register and turn on the security PIN. To receive notifications from alerts in your portfolios, you’ll want to turn on notifications.

FTX Settings3
FTX Settings6

The app opens with a default portfolio called Main Portfolio. You can rename it or change the color by clicking on the 3 dots in the upper right corner. This is also where you connect exchanges using the API keys you learned about in the Connect Exchange How-to Guide.

FTX Settings Dots
FTX Settings Dots2
FTX Settings Dots3

Add Cryptocoins

When you’re ready to enter cryptocoins just click the plus (+) sign at the bottom right of the screen and start typing the name of the coin.

FTX Portfolio Add
FTX Portfolio Add

Add Transactions and Alerts

After you’ve selected the cryptocoins you want in your portfolio, you’ll then add transactions manually. If you setup an exchange API key then your transactions should populate automatically. I personally choose to enter my coins and transactions manually. API keys can sometimes be unpredictable.

Setting Alerts is a very useful tool for monitoring your crypto and catching opportunities when you’re not paying attention. The app will give you a notification on your phone depending on your phone’s settings. FTX gives you two options for alerts. The first option is to set a target and decide whether to be notified everytime it crosses that amount, or just the first time it crosses. The second option is to select a percentage (%) price change over a period of time. Short term traders often choose the percentage method while hodlers often choose the target price.

One of the nice features of FTX is the charts show volume. This is great information. When prices are rising but volume is shrinking, that’s a sign upward momentum may be slowing.

FTX Portfolio Trxs2
FTX Portfolio Trxs
FTX Portfolio Trxs3

News, Signals and Trading

Like most portfolio apps FTX offers a news aggregator service. But a more unique feature of the FTX app is Signal. Signal is a place to gather insight into the crypto projects in your portfolio. Through this unique service you can find the latest news, updates and exciting announcements from developers and the executive leadership of the cryptocoins you hold. No longer do you have wait for a press release or catch an elusive tweet at the right time on Twitter. This is a one stop source to get you all the important information you need to make decisions about your cryptocoins.

The newest feature of the app was added when FTX bought Blockfolio. You can now trade inside the app. Cryptocoins, NFTs, and even fiat currencies can be traded. I haven’t used this feature and I probably won’t. I prefer to use a regular crypto exchange and I don’t trade fiat currencies.

FTX Portfolio News1
FTX Portfolio News2
FTX Portfolio Trade

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I hope you enjoyed the content shared in this chapter. If you got something positive from the information, please share your feedback and add a comment. Your input will help us create even better courses in the future.