Get Started with Crypto

Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Language: English
Courses: 6
Updated: 7/26/2023

Who should take this series of courses?

  • Beginners wanting to build there confidence with crypto
  • Beginners who are ready to buy crypto from an online exchange 
  • Beginners ready to choose a wallet to store crypto
  • Beginner and intermediate users interested in learning how to manage their crypto portfolio
  • Intermediate users wanting to buy crypto anonymously

Want to make money with crypto?

If you want to make money with crypto or use it like cash, you’ll need to learn the basics of how cryptocurrency works. You need to know where to buy it, how to store it, how to mange it, and how to spend it.

In this series of courses you’ll learn how to treat your crypto as the valuable asset that it is. You’ll get step-by-step detailed instructions in 6 content rich courses.

Courses Included in the Series

  1. Prepare to own crypto.
  2. Buy crypto, safely!
  3. Store crypto in wallets.
  4. Monitor crypto. Sell losers.
  5. Sell crypto for profit.
  6. Spend your crypto.

Managing cryptocurrency

is like farming.


In the lush Willamette Valley where I live there is an abundance of farms. Fresh produce is a precious commodity and I feel fortunate to have such easy access to organic vegetables and dairy.

Steps for a successful farmer

A farmers greatest asset is the soil in which he tills his seeds and his knowledge of farming. If he cares for the soil properly, chooses the correct seeds, and properly times the harvest, his greatest reward will be the produce he sells for a profit.

Farm Prodice
  • prepare the soil
  • plant the seeds
  • nurture plants to grow
  • remove unhealthy plants
  • harvest the best produce

Steps for a successful crypto trader

A crypto investors greatest asset is the capital used for buying crypto and their knowledge of crypto investing. If he or she is careful with their cash, picks quality crypto projects, and chooses an appropriate time to sell, the reward will be positive gains that can be turned into profits.


Enjoy the Courses!

  • Gather your cash (Prepare the soil)
  • Pick crypto assets (Plant seeds)
  • Store cryptos safely (Nurture seedlings)
  • Monitor and sell losers (Thin unhealthy plants)
  • Sell winners for profit (Harvest the best produce)

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Course Includes

  • 6 Lessons