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Crypto is like Farming

There is an abundance of farms in the lush Willamette Valley where I live. Fresh food is a valuable commodity. Your crypto assets are also valuable commodities. Learn how to care for them and manage them for the long-term.

Steps for Successful
Farming and Investing

For a Farmer - For an Investor

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A farmer’s greatest asset…
ย is the soil in which he or she tills their seeds and their knowledge of farming. If they care for the soil properly, choose the correct seeds, and properly time the harvest, their reward will be the products they sell for a profit at the market.

An investor’s greatest asset…
is the capital used for buying crypto and their knowledge of crypto investing. If he or she is careful with their cash, picks quality crypto projects, and chooses an appropriate time to sell, the reward will be positive gains that can be turned into profits.

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Kelly Sunshawl is a successful crypto investor and educator since 2015. As an instructor, Kelly combines her crypto and DeFi experience with her story-telling abilities to help others achieve financial success. Kelly believes growing wealth with crypto is easier than traditional markets and allows people the freedom to live life as they choose.ย ย 

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