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Buy Bitcoin WITHOUT a Bank Account

Many people around the world don’t have bank accounts. It’s surprising that even in the United States lots of people are unbanked or even underbanked. This means they either don’t have a checking account or don’t have a credit card or access to loans.

Globally over 1.7 billion adults lack a bank account, which makes it very difficult for them to participate in the economy, especially outside their local area. In the 21st century we are a global economy, and as such, we need a currency that allows us to transact with one another no matter where we live.

Lucky for us Bitcoin was created to give everyone around the world access to digital currency and the opportunity to participate in the global economy. Even for people without bank accounts!

So, if you don’t own a bank account or you live in a country where crypto is complicated, don’t worry! This lesson will teach you several options for buying bitcoin without a bank account.