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Kelly Sunshawl Barrett, EA, is a trusted speaker and educator on the subjects of cryptocurrency, blockchain and crypto tax law. Her goal is to serve everyday people on their crypto education journey including newcomers, cryptocurrency portfolio holders, and tax professionals. To accomplish this goal Kelly founded two education websites; Life with Crypto for everyday people and Crypto Tax Coach for tax preparers.

Life with Crypto is a global online platform for people seeking community, information, and education on their journey through the evolution of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology. It is an education site where members can learn simple, effective ways to grow wealth, learn about blockchain use cases and get prepared for crypto taxes. The platform offers both FREE and paid courses and education in the crypto space.

Crypto Tax Coach is an education website designed for US based tax preparers. While the website is being finalized, the tax courses are available on Life with Crypto.

Kelly Sunshawl Barrett, EA

Kelly Sunshawl Barrett is available for:

  • Podcast interviews
  • Crypto tax trainings for accountants
  • Presentations on cryptocurrency
  • Breakout sessions and panel discussions

Individual services also include:

  • Cryptocurrency reconciliation 
  • Preparing IRS forms
Kelly Sunshawl Barrett at a speaking engagement

Teaching everyday people about Bitcoin and how to safely purchase it.

Full Bio

Kelly started her Accounting, Bookkeeping and Payroll business in 2006. She is a Licensed Tax Consultant in the State of Oregon and an Enrolled Agent with the Internal Revenue Service. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Mathematics.

Kelly first learned about bitcoin around 2011 after hearing about it in the news. Her investments were in the stock market at the time, and she didn’t become curious about this asset class till 2013 when it started raising in price. As the housing market crash of 2008 proceeded to wipe out up to 50% of her partner’s 401k, the life changing potential of bitcoin and its blockchain started looking intriguing. She bought her first three bitcoins for $250 each on Coinbase in June of 2015 as an experiment.

Now came the exciting part, where to spend it? At the time no place in her hometown accepted bitcoin. But she did eventually find an owner of a computer repair shop, who sold her a used laptop for one bitcoin. The transaction at the time wasn’t as exciting because Coinbase allowed users to send coins to each other by just typing in an email address, but, nonetheless, a laptop was purchased…and as time passed, that ended up being one expensive laptop, as bitcoin did briefly hit $20k at the end of 2017. Speculating in crypto currencies is not for the faint of heart but is very exciting.

Her research and experimentation led Kelly to create a Bitcoin Basics training for tax accountants in the fall of 2007 and it was met with high reviews, lots of questions and solidified the fact that there is a great need for this information among both tax professionals and individuals who hold cryptocurrency portfolios.

Kelly is currently a Crypto and Blockchain Educator and teaches tax professionals about crypto and taxes through live trainings held at professional Tax Organizations like the Oregon Association of Tax Consultants and the Oregon Society of Tax Consultants. Her passion is to teach everyday people how to buy their first piece of a bitcoin.

In her spare time, Kelly enjoys Tai Chi as well as hiking and camping with her life partner and dog, Tucker.

Kelly Sunshawl Barrett portrait

Kelly’s hobby is to explore the great outdoors of Oregon with her partner and dog, Tucker.

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“I want to sincerely thank you for your hands on time yesterday. I successfully sent all coins from Coinbase exchange to my wallet. I also moved all that I could from Binance, so it is way more cleaned up. You rock!”
– Molly B

“Speaker most knowledgeable I’ve heard.” 
– live training

“Very clear and concise. She made a very complicated topic understandable.” 
– Suzanne D

Kelly Sunshawl Barrett
EA, LTC 31542-C
cryptotaxcoach.com (coming soon!)