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Kelly Sunshawl is a crypto writer, educator, and retired tax accountant. Prior to the pandemic Kelly was a trusted expert speaker on cryptocurrency, blockchain, and crypto tax law. Her goal is to serve everyday people on their crypto education journey by providing easy-to-follow instructional courses, consulting, and coaching. To accomplish her goal Kelly founded the Life with Crypto social learning platform.

Life with Crypto is an online education platform where members discover the art and science of growing wealth with cryptocurrency. 

Our brands and services include:

  • an online education platform with free and paid courses, free content, and a blog. 
  • CryptoGARD Tax ebooks, 5 easy-to-read magazine-style ebooks on crypto tax law. 
  • Life with Crypto Private Facebook Group with free education guides and weekly live trainings.
  • Life with Crypto YouTube channel with the new E.P.I.C. Journey playlist hosting interviews with everyday people in crypto. 
  • Life with Crypto private Women in DeFi weekly meetings.

Kelly Sunshawl

Crypto writer, educator, and retired tax accountant.

  • As an educator, Kelly’s taught many crypto enthusiasts through her online courses and seminars.
  • As an author, Kelly’s written 5 comprehensive ebooks on crypto tax law.
  • In her Facebook Group, Kelly does weekly live trainings and posts on investor mindset, investing strategies, and investment technology.
  • On her YouTube channel, Kelly interviews every day people in crypto who share their stories of success and failure.
  • Every Friday, Kelly hosts a private Women in DeFi call where members discuss investing, yield farming, and macroeconomics.
  • Kelly also belongs to a private MasterMind group on crypto trading and yield farming.

Kelly Sunshawl Barrett at a speaking engagement

Teaching everyday people about Bitcoin and investing.

Full Bio

Kelly started her accounting business in 2006 and retired in 2021.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Mathematics.

Kelly first learned about bitcoin around 2011 after hearing about it in the news. Her investments were in the stock market at the time. She became curious about bitcoin in 2013 when the price started rising. As an experiment, she bought 3 bitcoins for $250 each in 2015.

Now came the exciting part, where to spend the bitcoin? At the time, no place in her hometown accepted bitcoin. She did eventually purchase a used laptop for one bitcoin. As time passed, that ended up being one expensive laptop. For in late 2017, the price of a single bitcoin hit $20k. That’s when she realized the potential of bitcoin and crypto for generating life-changing wealth. She also realized speculating in cryptocurrencies was not for the faint of heart. She needed to learn everything about crypto.

Her research and education eventually led to the creation of Life with Crypto, an online education platform. Her mission was to educate others about the life-changing possibilities available within crypto markets. 

Kelly currently writes free and paid publications on crypto investing, swing trading, passive income, tax law, blockchain technology, and more. Additionally, Kelly creates courses and trainings for newcomers and intermediate investors to crypto. 

In her spare time, Kelly enjoys Tai Chi as well as hiking and camping with her life partner and dog, Tucker.

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Kelly’s hobby is to explore the great outdoors of Oregon with her partner and dog, Tucker.

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“I want to sincerely thank you for your hands on time yesterday. I successfully sent all coins from Coinbase exchange to my wallet. I also moved all that I could from Binance, so it is way more cleaned up. You rock!”
– Molly B

“Speaker most knowledgeable I’ve heard.” 
– live training

“Very clear and concise. She made a very complicated topic understandable.” 
– Suzanne D

Kelly Sunshawl
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