Member Guidelines

California Poppies

Everyone is Welcome!

We’re building something a bit different at Life with Crypto. We need everyone’s help to keep this emerging social learning community as valuable, welcoming, and safe as possible. We’re all here to learn, grow, and connect respectfully. 

Share Stories and Experiences.

Want to build a beautiful or interesting conversation fast? Share your stories, experiences, opinions, and recommendations. But be careful offering unsolicited advice. It may shut-down a conversation fast. If you’ve written the words, “You should…” hold up, and think twice.

 Be respectful and kind.
Please be kind and constructive when adding a new post, ask a question, or comment on someone else’s contribution.

At Life with Crypto, our Community goal is to be helpful, seek understanding, and approach others with kindness and respect. However, if someone gets under your skin, take a break and breathe, then if necessary, agree to disagree respectfully and tactfully.

Don’t Spam or Promote.

While we all love a little self-promotion (and we do encourage you to share about your passions and what you do), for everyone to get the most out of Life with Crypto, please don’t solicit any products or services to the Community without authorization from an Organizer.

Have a Concern? We’re here.

If you see a post that violates the Member Guidelines, please let a Host or Moderator know immediately. If you feel the need to report someone, please reach out to a Host or Moderator directly with a private chat.

We all Agree!

If you agree with these Member Guidelines, fantastic, let’s go have some fun and learn! For those that choose not to follow the guidelines, our Organizers and Hosts reserve the right to respectfully and tactfully remove you from the group (without refund.)