Trezor Wallet for Bitcoin

If you are looking for the safest alternatives for storing your Bitcoin, hardware wallets are one of the best choices. There are many different hardware devices on the market for crypto storage, with the Trezor wallet being one of the strongest contenders.


Trezor currently offers two different hardware crypto wallets, allowing you to store your Bitcoin while offering some of the strongest security features.  Below, we’ll look at the advantages and disadvantages of these Bitcoin wallets and specifications for both models.

Why Choose Trezor Wallet For Bitcoin?

Trezor hardware wallets pose many advantages for cryptocurrency investors. For starters they provide a high level of security, allowing you to store your Bitcoin completely offline on a physical device, which is unreachable to hackers, virus and malware.

Additionally, users are required to enter a unique PIN number to access the device and are provided with a personal 12 to 24 words long recovery seed which must be entered for backup in case that your device is lost or stolen.

Another advantage of Trezor wallets is that both of their devices not only support Bitcoin, but a wide range of other cryptocurrencies. This is very important for those that have a diverse crypto investment portfolio.

In terms of accessibility, Trezor provides a desktop platform that allows you to keep track of your investment and buy and trade coins with built-in exchanges.

Trezor Bitcoin Wallets Disadvantages

Both the Trezor One and Trezor Model T wallets are excellent hardware wallet options,  but there are a few considerations to keep in mind before purchasing these devices. 

One of the reasons why investors choose a different hardware wallet over the Trezor, specifically the Model T,  is that it comes at a higher price point, surpassing 100 dollars. 

This costlier price is not always justifiable for those with smaller Bitcoin and crypto investments. However, those with a lot of funds invested in crypto, its strong security features and improved user experience can be well worth it.

The Trezor wallets are also known for having a higher learning-curve and are not considered beginner-friendly. For this reason, first-time hardware wallets users and beginner Bitcoin investors might be discouraged from purchasing a Trezor wallet. 

In terms of design, Trezor wallets have a small touchscreen, especially when it comes to the Trezor One model, which can make the wallet inconvenient to use.

Trezor Wallet Options

The Trezor Wallet is available in two models, offering the same secure offline storage with slightly different features.

Trezor One

The Trezor One is the small first generation Trezor wallet, featuring a small touchscreen with a monochrome display plus two buttons. This model has the advantage of being affordably priced at $60 dollars, and supporting over 1000 different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin.

The device is linked to the Trezor Wallet app, accessed on a desktop or mobile device. Users can’t complete transactions from their device but using the Trezor Wallet application they can trade and purchase crypto conveniently. 

Those looking for a highly secure but affordable depice to store crypto will find the ideal solution on this device. However, those that are more seriously involved in crypto might benefit more from the more expensive Model T device.

Trezor Model T

The Trezor Model T is the second generation wallet supporting several additional cryptocurrencies and featuring a larger, color touchscreen. Its design provides users a better experience, facilitating navigation.  Users can use this touchscreen to enter their personal PIN and confirm transactions directly on the wallet.

Additionally, the Trezor Model comes with a MicroSD card slot, an improved processor and USB-c connectivity.

Trezor Wallet For Bitcoin

The Trezor wallet provides a very secure storage option for your Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency investment. While these wallets have a slight learning curve and the second generation wallet has a steeper price tag, their strong security and convenient features make these wallets a favorite among the crypto community.