How To Use Fundamental Analysis To Find Great Crypto Coins

In this video, Evan discusses the fundamental analysis of selecting great crypto coins, you will get to know how to do your own research and more.

When choosing the crypto to invest in, you need to be able to do your research, and as Evan highlighted in the video, there are certain things you need to check before investing in any crypto.

Fundamental Analysis To Find Great Crypto

Things like checking the Market capitalization, a term used to describe the total amount of money in the specific crypto are vital.

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Another important thing is checking the circulating supply and most importantly the total supply.

Doing this simple research will save you from investing in crappy projects and also protect you from projects that are conny.

fundamental-analysis picking cryptos

Other things mentioned by Evan in the video include checking the whitepaper of the project you are intending to invest in and if you know your way around checking domain stats then you need to definitely check the registration time of the domain.

Reputable projects use domains that are at least 2 years and above to launch their projects. This shows that they actually put in some thoughts about the project and have built it for some time before launching.

A whitepaper that fails to identify the mission of the projects is also a red flag.

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