Let’s Crypto Newsletter – Digital Finance

No matter how things are, they keep getting better and better in crypto. Today’s Let’s Crypto Newsletter on Digital Finance is transformative, so pay attention! FYI, we cover topics like this every week in the Let’s Crypto Program… …where we support members with mid-term and long-term portfolio strategies.  Anyway, here goes with today’s Let’s Crypto “Digital Finance” Newsletter… … Read more

What is DeFi?

Decentralised Finance hashtag

Looking for answers to “What is DeFi?” Look no further. This post will answer most, if not all, your questions about DeFi! DeFi is a collective term for financial products and services accessible to anyone on the internet via Blockchain applications. Smart contracts run DeFi applications, with the first smart contracts executed on the Ethereum … Read more

New Let’s Crypto! Newsletter

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Today’s featured article is about my new Let’s Crypto! Newsletter on Substack. Every month I make a beautiful in-depth post on our core topics including: If you’d like to check out this month’s publication, you can click here and subscribe. It’s FREE! Here’s a short recap from this month’s Let’s Crypto! Substack. Introduction Let’s get … Read more

EPIC Journeys – Interviews

EPIC Journeys

Watch our new EPIC Journeys video interviews with everyday people in crypto. You guessed it! EPIC = Everyday People in Crypto. We’ve launched a new YouTube playlist on our Life with Crypto YouTube channel showcasing my interviews with everyday people in crypto. My first interview is with Sarah. A mother of 2 children living in … Read more

Let’s Crypto! Bootcamp

Intro To Let's Crypto Bootcamp

Hello my Crypto Brothers and Sisters! I’m excited to announce the upcoming Let’s Crypto! Bootcamp. To help you learn about the Bootcamp, I’m offering Special Pre-Release Trainings on each Lesson in the Bootcamp. The purpose of the Special Pre-Release Trainings is to introduce you to the content of the Bootcamp and give you ample opportunity … Read more

Picking Cryptos – Macroeconomics


For today’s featured article, I’ll go into more detail on Part 1 – Fundamental Analysis of Picking Cryptos – Macroeconomics. My last featured article overviewed how to pick quality cryptos using Fundamental Analysis (FA). You can find that article here (Fundamental Analysis of Picking Cryptos). In that first blog post, I organized the topics into … Read more

Indirect Crypto Scams to Avoid

Today’s topic is a continuation of scams – 6 more to scams to avoid, specifically “Indirect Scams.” This type of investment scam doesn’t target an individual but instead targets groups of people. Reports to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) show that scammers are alarmingly responsible for stealing people’s money. Since 2021 more than $1 billion … Read more

Fundamental Analysis – Picking Cryptos

Fundamental Analysis

In today’s blog, I will talk about Fundamental Analysis – picking cryptos and the techniques used to determine if a cryptocurrency is high quality or a good investment. Additionally, this topic was requested by one of our Members, so if YOU have a topic you want me to cover you can message me on the … Read more